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For New Zealand Colour Professionals - Order from our Auckland warehouse

Foil Me - carefully crafted, aesthetically pleasing

An Adelaide based company, Foil Me was founded in 2014 by husband and wife team, Iliano and Emily Ciardiello. The brand and company is synonymous with creation, innovation, appreciation, and integration. When you choose Foil Me, you become a part of a movement; one that is forever evolving to support you, the latest trends and the transforming hair industry.

Foil Me was curated from the desire to help colourists have an easier, more enjoyable experience in the salon.

Our foils have been and always will be designed for you, the artist. Each collection is unique and varies in size, thickness, colour, style and graphic designs.

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Foil me FOR New Zealand SALONS

Foil Me foils are available to NZ salons exclusively through Morph Haircare.
Interested in finding out more? 

Recently featured at the Christchurch Modern Blonde seminars by LAUREN MCMURRAY SHERWIN and AMANDA PRESTON

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