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ibiza fine hair tools 
brought to you by
morph haircare 
in New Zealand

Ibiza Hair brushes are made from the finest materials; eco-friendly, flexible yet resilient cork from the Mediterranean, plus a secret blend of natural boar and heat-resistant carbon fibre bristles from Spain that perform like no other boar bristles can. No getting stuck. No ripping. No breakage. Just totally controlled "GripSlip" technology, making it easier for you to create shiny hair that looks and performs the way it should.



Great Hair Begins with Great Styling Tools

Ibiza Hair has been making history in the beauty industry since the 1950s. That’s when Max Johles, father of Ibiza Hair’s founder Aaron Johles, began selling brushes and beauty supplies from the trunk of his car.

Fine salons valued Max and his line of all-natural hair care products. So when Aaron took over the business after his father’s death, he continued the tradition of offering the highest quality hair care tools—and took it further with new innovations based on real-world research.

“I traveled to all the hair shows in Italy, Spain, England, Australia, Japan, and Hong Kong, looking for the next big thing,” says Johles. “Then one day, I realized I didn’t have to look anymore. I already had it with Ibiza Hair brushes. I just needed to let the world know.”

Their unique blend of boar and nylon bristles and incomparably supple, ergonomic cork handles makes Ibiza Hair brushes loved by stylists at top salons including Chris Mcmillan Salon Beverly Hills, Meche Salon Beverly Hills and Andy Lecompte Salon Hollywood. 


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